Thursday, 29 March 2007

russian ballerina

i never got the chance to watch ballet live on a stage.. well i'm trying my best here, this is a part of an illustration for some article about russian film was urgent and i didn't read the article..they needed anything that is a stereotype ..well i thought ballet and kalinka song/dance and balalaika and many others.. anyway... i really wish i knew more..would've researched if i had time.. so no offence for russians .. i really wish i knew more..respect!
well still not totally satisfied of the pose and proportions and some anatomy problems..i'm satisfied of it overall!
so first quick sketch ,then a part of the illustartion..then some details for no good reason haha!
انا عمري ما رحت حفلة باليه في حياتي!.بس لقيت نفسي برسم راقصة باليه لما طلب مني رسم ليه علاقة بصناعة السينما في روسيا .. كان نفسي يكون عندي وقت أكبر و الاقي معلومات تفيدني لأفكار تانية.. بس اهو اللي حصل !!

الرسم ممكن يكون فيه عيوب بس انا راضي عنها ككل..نظرا ل "زنقة" الوقت!
سعدنا بكم و نرجو أن نكون قد أسعدناكم!

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

mousegirl ....just one more time's just another girl- sketch- drawn- only- using- a -mouse- thingie.. for the drawing board..
tools used.. photoshop , mouse, patience, nervousness, lots of work that i don't feel like finishing and obviuosly will miss the deadline so "what the heck" kinna mood!
time : 30 to 40 min
..that's all about it!
is it strange that i enjoy it just because i'm too lazy to scan? :D
i should get a wacom someday!

Sunday, 25 March 2007

absurd (محدش فاهم حاجة)

نفسي أفهم اذا كان مافيش حد الا و بيقول انه أستهبال.. مطلوب مننا ايه بالظبط بكرة!!؟
كل ما اسأل حد يقول هانخرج بدري من الشغل بس ما يمنعش ان ربنا ينتقم منهم!!
و في الغالب مش رايحين الأستفتاء و اللي بيحصل دا حرام واللهّّّ و أشياء من هذا القبيل بس محدش عارف ولا فاهم حاجة غير انه هايبقى في هووم ديليفاري سيرفيس لقوات الأمن دلوقتي.. مش هتحتاج تخرج عشان يتعرفوا عليك!
طب حد فاهم حاجة؟..يفهمني أرجوكم!
هابي نيو تعديل
شوكالاتة جيرسي واكلة الجو
العبث متجسدا في شكل جرندايزاراوي معدني خارق.. ينطلق الذراع الحديدي ليفتك بالأعداء و يدهس المارة و يصرخ دوق فليد "أصله مولع ناري..وأعمللك ال لالي. ساساساساساساسا سيد يا سيد!"
اوكي..دي مرشداية قديمة أفتكرتها

Thursday, 22 March 2007

last december's sketchcrawl

i'm sharing these because i miss sketching in cafes and streets..i'm just so busy nowadays to do so.. i was at "cilantro" cafe in zamalek (om kolthom barnch) :D when i sketched those..i was with a friend to make myself less suspicious ..or ourselves..he was sketching too haha... it's a good tip! well.. i did some quick photoshop coloring! ..and you can always read the notes if you want!
this was for the enrico casarosa's infamous sketchcrawl event...

and this was an attempt to digital inking of one of the sketches above!..was so intense and hurts my hand!..

the last sketchcrawl was 4 days ago and i missed it.. i was really busy... it's always fun to sketch ..i'll try to focus on more things next sketchcrawl event.. i focus more on people..may be i'll try to add some other stuff...
please go read this blog! ... it would be nice if people would do what's said!
and would be great if we could "steal" (pardon me) the idea ..every group for their own people and country!
cheers! :)

Sunday, 18 March 2007

i'm warning ya!

just a quick sketch while i was thinking of a character .. might turn out to be something totally different
he's supposed to be the good guy but he looks like he's a little problematic :)
the text says "i'm warning ya".. no deep thoughts or symbols haha.. total mind fart!
cheers! :D

Saturday, 17 March 2007

le petit prince ...again!

it has been a year since i made this.. and it's related to special times and occasions i had last year..and that i hope will still be special till reincarnate into a slow turtle who will live longer than i did haha!,
anyway.. this is supposed to be "le petit prince" or "the little prince" , written and originally written by french aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry , his words and drawings were so simple and you can relate to it as a kid and as an adult too , it's kind of magical , and i just made my version because of personal reasons, to my rose and planet if you can understand :)
so there is how i did it..step by step.. or just 4 steps :)
there is a slightly bigger one of the final here!

Friday, 9 March 2007

mouse girls

done for the drawing board jam about drawing girls only using a mouse..
done with photoshop..

same thing (different feelings)

well i'll started out as a simple brush sketch and i wanted to try out different versions...
which one do you like? (whenever you see this post ,there is no deadline :))