Saturday, 17 March 2007

le petit prince ...again!

it has been a year since i made this.. and it's related to special times and occasions i had last year..and that i hope will still be special till reincarnate into a slow turtle who will live longer than i did haha!,
anyway.. this is supposed to be "le petit prince" or "the little prince" , written and originally written by french aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry , his words and drawings were so simple and you can relate to it as a kid and as an adult too , it's kind of magical , and i just made my version because of personal reasons, to my rose and planet if you can understand :)
so there is how i did it..step by step.. or just 4 steps :)
there is a slightly bigger one of the final here!


  1. it's very nice drawings&colors
    my invition to you for visit my Blog....CARTOONYA
    Have a nice time
    Yasser Hussein
    Egyption Cartoonist

  2. first .. i'd like to admit that i didn't notice the reversable name MetaHateM it's sooo 7ilw
    Seconed ba2a .. STOP drawing u r destroyin our career !!!
    bgad Peace Be Upon Your Hand ! (تسلم ايدك يعنى هى هى هى)
    & thanx for visitin my blog

  3. HI¡¡¡
    Beautiful ilustration, awesome works¡¡¡¡

  4. mr.yasser
    thanks a lot...
    sure i will ..thanks again for the invitation :)

    hehe.. your title is so clever ya 3amm!.. wara2a men el noss! hayla! :)
    haha.. don't worry about your career, el career fi masr ba2a career 3abdel 3azeez .. ay kalam fel 7ammam.. ana motafa2el beeko te3melo 7aga 3edla , ana elly a7'aaf 3ala careery mennak ya 3am!
    your hand (pbuh) is precious ya m3alem

    thank you so much man! i'm really glad you like it

  5. thanks moriarty i'm glad you like it! :)

  6. ana 3ayz 2ashoof el kitab da

  7. hisham


    hatla2eeh fi diwan we virgin! :)

  8. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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