Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Driver Dan's Story Train

Long time no post again!!! been tooooo busy :)
Last year I had the pleasure of illustrating 2 stories to be told on the TV program  Driver Dan's Story Train and just recently they were aired for the first time on BBC cbeebies in the UK..
You can watch it only if you live in the UK for now on these links(not available for so long):
-The Super Leap Sheep
-The Wishing Carrot
But the series will be aired again on PBS sprouts in American accent and Baraem TV in Arabic (2012/2013) can't wait to see them on these stations, so exciting !!! :)

I managed to get some captures from the I'm sharing below some images from the show :)

From Episode titled: The super Leap Sheep...story title is : Who licked the ice cream... written by Rania Zaghir

From Episode titled : The Wishing Carrot .. story title is : Marat The Camel ...written by: Georges Estephan