Thursday, 10 May 2007


so first sorry for the long absense and not leaving comments to your art lately.. and god knows how much i love to look at your work..well..let's just say i'm really and personal life ..

well i'll try to post more ..but i promise i'll be more active by next month :)

so this is the colored's all done with
adobe illustrator.. and by the way it's my first attempt ever with a vector based software and it took me long time to get used to it ..would've taken me 1/10 th of time if done in might need more work ..but i'm happy with have mercy :D
hopefully i'll get better :)


  1. first one in .. not so bright comment
    i think ur hand effect is better
    this looks not human .. i donno !

  2. hey qindeel..
    yes i agree.. i have more control with my hand but the job had to be in vectors and it's my first attempt ..i guess it went fine for a first try..though i'm not so in love with it..but happt with the result somehow..
    the job had to be that way ;)

  3. haaaaaaay
    enta feen ya 7atem mosh bayen leh ??

  4. لفت نظرى فى الأول ..البنت المحجبة ..كموضوع جديدة وطبعاً متنفذة بدقة ..انا موافق قنديل ..التلوين اليدوى اقوى ..
    الإسكتشات فى البوست اللى فات ..بأختصار ..هايلة

  5. beautiful works hatem, the color schemes are amazing, cheers man!

  6. Very, very good art! Compliments by Ultimo from Italy - Rome.

  7. These are lovely--simple and charming.

  8. Hatem, these are very good especially for your first attempt at Illustrator. I feel your pain buddy... I just did my first couple of vector based images this past week for school.

  9. ana gale e7bat men el illustrator dah....but nothing except "wowwwwww"...