Monday, 16 April 2007

some sketches

well.. these are sketches for something that was kind of rejected..not totally..
so.. i'll post the colored ones when i'm calm! grrrrrrr!
frustrating i must say... duh!


  1. well, what's rejected is always a loss for the customer not for the artist ;)

  2. يامعقدنى :)))
    اخر واحدة تحت اجمدهم
    تانية التيشيرت و تانية البنطلون بقى و كدة, و السنيكر العظيم ... مجرمة

  3. Great sketches! They are fresh.
    You're a real artist! :D

  4. WOW!

    Why haven't I seen your blog before!

    Love your work...can't wait for another visit.

  5. Daisy
    well..yes..sure..why not :)
    but you're right..
    i just wasted time and had to do it as vector art which i'm not so experienced at..but i did it..and now i'm late to other clients and nobody is happy..
    but it's ok :)

    but how?

    haha.. wallahy enta elly zoo2 bass.. merci 3ala el comment..makes me happy you have a favorite ;)

    alina chau
    thank lots alina!

    molte grazie dude! that's very kind words :)

    scott wright
    thank you so didn't miss much haha i began to be serious about the blog only last month..more to come later..
    thanks again scott!

  6. u learnt to do it,
    and for the other customers, u now "knew" u have a time management problem.... knowing the problem is part of solving it,
    u definitely won alot in this experience ;)
    قائص العظماء هى عزاء للتافهين

  7. daisy
    i alaways have time management problem haha!..yes i should work more on solving it..
    and yes..i'm really happy with the experience and that i managed to learn something in a short time.. it's was just stressful due to a lot of things...but i passed it and i'm ok now
    thanks for the kind words
    gotta go try to finish the other bazallion stuff i have!

  8. Sorry for my bad art is incredible.

    Bests regards from your mexican friend!!!!

  9. Hi Hatem!!
    Great sketches!!! I like your pencils, and can't wait to see the colored versions.
    And don't worry about the rejection, i know how you feel!!!


  10. Pretty Sketch,nice Blog!

  11. I really like your sketches. I've been a fan of your work since I found your blog. Keep up the great work! I will definatly be checking this blog often.

  12. I love your works !! So nice and very cool !!! I hope you'll publish a comic book in France !!!!

  13. =Oscar González Loyo
    hey thanks a lot of the kind words.

    yes thanks, well i just found out that it wasn't totally rejected but they let some other artist change it!!..anyway

    than you so much!

    thanks a lot!

    =Philip Thomas
    thanks man.. glad to know that you like my stuff :)

    well thanks a bunch..publishing in france is one of my dreams!! thanks for making it a hope now haha

    oh many thanks!..glad you like them :)

    hey salut romain!! ca va?
    are you on blogspot now? haha.. man i love your work!!
    thanks for the kind words

  14. :D fanaan yabni wallahi 5osara fi l balad di wel belad elli 7awaleha

  15. Very pretty sketches! Cool girls. :)

  16. والله يا حاتم افندى انت عقدتنى برسومتاك
    كل تفصيلة فى الرسمة بتديها حقها
    مش عارفه اقولك ايه بصراحة
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    ماشاء الله اللهم لا حسد

    علا سالم

  17. Wonderful designs! You're awesome.

  18. Je viens de mettre ce blog en lien sur le mien et sur celui de la librairie où je travaille ! c'est vraiment superbe !