Tuesday, 27 March 2007

mousegirl ....just one more time

...it's just another girl- sketch- drawn- only- using- a -mouse- thingie.. for the drawing board..
tools used.. photoshop , mouse, patience, nervousness, lots of work that i don't feel like finishing and obviuosly will miss the deadline so "what the heck" kinna mood!
time : 30 to 40 min
..that's all about it!
is it strange that i enjoy it just because i'm too lazy to scan? :D
i should get a wacom someday!


  1. Very good work!
    I wish I could read the comic stories... will you consider translating them into english?

  2. hatem, i love the dream sort of feel this has

    cheers man!

  3. Thanks guy for the comment :), I like this drawing, very sensitive, sweet colors...
    Good work too !
    See you ;)

  4. Hi Hatem,

    Beautiful work...I just imagine what would you do with a Wacom =)

  5. marcos
    thanks a lot , translation han be difficult "sometimes" but may be with some explanations it would make sense ..some of them are kinda local :)
    but in the future i'll try to give a hint of what's going on
    thank you!

    i'm glad you like it man.. your describtion made me proud :D

    you're welcome m'moiselle.. and thanks a lot i'm really glad you like it :)
    see you!

    thanks man! .. well i don't own a wacom and the few times i tried it i went all random and loosely and i felt very comfortable doing a whole illustration with it BUT it made me so nervous and slow if i had to color a "scanned" inked art that is supposed to come out "clean" haha!..
    but i eventually i'll get one.. do you recommend a size?
    thanks :)

    thank you so much! :)

  6. Mannnn, you should REALLY get a wacom!

    I can see you would do GORGEOUS things with it!

    I used to sketch with my mouse before too, but OMG you have got an amazing control in it!

  7. he thanks amanda really glad you like my mouse skills haha!

  8. yeah I think ther's something in the air...

    thanks for the comment!
    I'm really lazy with perspective as well...*hides*

  9. hatem



    ana talib el 2orb minnak

    ana talib eed bentak el sora de

  10. ya ebny e7na beneshtery ragel

    we enta ba2a beteshta3'al fel graphic we keda?

  11. wooooooooooooooow
    3abqareia bgad :D
    gamda aweeeeeeeeee
    i liked ur blog alot