Wednesday, 28 February 2007

L-rahina 2 "the theme song"

another part...same as the previous .. :)
storytelling is from right to "the hand" says! hehehe
masr masr masr masr masr masr!!!! hey..can any egyptians name these characters? hehe 3arfeen koll dool walla la2? :)

L-rahina 1

this is a part of a page i did this week.. it's supposed to be an egyptian movie parody..i won't be surprised if you don't like it that much..haha..
c&c would be great!..just note i never focus on resemblance of the actor as much as i focus on the character they play..anyway..
i'll post another part later..

oh..storytelling is from right to "the hand" says! haha!

Saturday, 24 February 2007

القرصان قال أقفوا كويس

و قطط رومي وديك فيومي

وأنا وأنتم قاعدين نتنأور

ملحوظة: الولد أبو شنب ده مرعب جدا......دا غير ان القطة كانت مقلقة من المخلوقات البشرية الشريرة..
بس كان في حالة حب في البلاتوه هيهيهيهيهي!