Saturday, 22 June 2013

Monsters Vs Calvin and Hobbes

Picture had made this super fun call to artists to make a Monsters Mash-Up with another world.. Here is this one paying tribute to Bill Watterson and his fantastic Calvin & Hobbes comics accompanied with some process:)..

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I don’t do much fanart but sometimes it’s fun to do :D

Friday, 21 June 2013

Pixar's Monsters vs Amélie

One of my contributions in Mashup fun thread is a Mash-Up Between Celia of Pixar's Monsters, Inc and Amélie :)
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On sorrow

A one page illustration of a poem for Majid Children’s Magazine ..
about a boy seeing too much sorrow and suffering to enjoy his time..note that that’s the case in the middle east often 



عن الإسراء..لفتاة اسمها إسراء
Illustration about Israa (night journey of Prophet Muhammad
inspired by islamic art of central and west Asia :)