Thursday, 22 March 2007

last december's sketchcrawl

i'm sharing these because i miss sketching in cafes and streets..i'm just so busy nowadays to do so.. i was at "cilantro" cafe in zamalek (om kolthom barnch) :D when i sketched those..i was with a friend to make myself less suspicious ..or ourselves..he was sketching too haha... it's a good tip! well.. i did some quick photoshop coloring! ..and you can always read the notes if you want!
this was for the enrico casarosa's infamous sketchcrawl event...

and this was an attempt to digital inking of one of the sketches above!..was so intense and hurts my hand!..

the last sketchcrawl was 4 days ago and i missed it.. i was really busy... it's always fun to sketch ..i'll try to focus on more things next sketchcrawl event.. i focus more on people..may be i'll try to add some other stuff...
please go read this blog! ... it would be nice if people would do what's said!
and would be great if we could "steal" (pardon me) the idea ..every group for their own people and country!
cheers! :)


  1. God dooms the house of this
    يخرب بيت كدة !!

  2. I think your style is great
    good work here

  3. hey Hatem, awesome sketches uve posted and that last one just killed me, awesome lines as per usual

    hey sketchcrawl looks really fantastic.

    cheers man, i added u to my linx
    ill keep visiting

  4. انا منبهر بشكل مريع
    انت فنان جدا يا بيه , انا من معجبينك خلاص

  5. qindeel
    thing daughter of rooster-dog


    thanks man! i'm glad you like it!
    your work is great!!

    hey man!, i was really happy to get your comment ..your sketches are really nice and motivating..
    yeah sketchcrawl is really cool.. should be known more than that!
    ok buddy..thanx for adding me.. you're already on the links

    ربنا يعلي مراتبك و ينصرك على من يعاديك قادر يا كريم
    انت اسعدتني سعادة الذئب من دم ابن يعقوب
    انا احب اقرا مدوناتك جدا

  6. aiwa ne3mel egyptian sketchcrawl :D

  7. daisy
    well sketchcrawl is universal..bass yekoon zareef law ra7et el naas magmoo3a ma3 ba3d..makes you feel less stressed aboot people staring at you like some kind of an alien! :)

  8. Sweet sketches man, you've got a great eye for capturing a pose from life, great stuff!

  9. thank you andy.. glad you like it:)