Wednesday, 30 November 2016

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How could I resist buying this book?

The king is ready for war. 

Louis of France is not yet thirty, and already he is the greatest king in Europe. He loves his subjects. He loves God. And his armies have never been defeated. 

This war, though, is different.

He is not fighting another army. 

He is not fighting another king. 

He is fighting three children.

And their dog.

On a dark night in 1242, travelers gather at a small French inn. It is the perfect night for a story, and everyone in the kingdom is consumed by the tale of three children: Jeanne, a peasant girl who has visions of the future; William, a young monk with supernatural strength; and Jacob, a Jewish boy who can heal any wound. Together, their powers will be tested by demons and dragons, cruel knights and cunning monks. From small villages to grand banquet halls, these three unlikely friends—and their faithful greyhound—are chased through France to a final showdown in the waves at the foot of the abbey-fortress of Mont-Saint-Michel. 

I loved illustrating (illuminating) this book: The inquisitor’s Tale by Adam Gidwitz.

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