Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Hello and greetings earthlings! There has been an amazing…

Asra is a 15-year old girl destined to save womankind from the evil clutches of a fortune teller. So dramatic! Before she had the weight of the world thrust upon her, Asra was a feisty footballer who

Hello and greetings earthlings! There has been an amazing project I’ve been working on! That is an Epic graphic novel beautifully written by Anne Peterson Sobel & Adam Sobel and illustrated by me. It’s called: “Asra & the Orphan Moon”. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic Arabian Gulf with tons of mystery, football and superpowers!. I still have a considerable amount of work to put into it so I will need your help bringing it sooner to life!.

Making a small contribution or simply just spreading the word about the project are wonderful ways to help.


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UPDATE:  We only have 5 DAYS LEFT to end our campaign! Please contribute by a donation &/or REBLOG!!!!! :)..SPREAD THE WORD!


Asra is a girl who have been cursed by an evil fortune teller that has bad habit of turning women to stone and feed on their power to gain immortality! However.. Things don’t stay the same and the story-after a lot of drama, mystery and action- turns upside down and Asra fights back!.

 Asra and the Orphan Moon is a graphic novel epic, spanning 100 years, and featuring jinn, black magic, and incredible female Khaleeji characters inspired by history.This 500-page story will be published in two volumes.

If you have any comments, ideas, questions or requests please send me!
(here is good or my email if you prefer:

I’ll be updating you with some work in progress in the future.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

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