Saturday, 2 April 2016

Trying to get ready for #bcbf16 last minute ! 😬 Just went...

Trying to get ready for #bcbf16 last minute ! 😬 Just went through the cruelest April fools ( unintentionally) : I was waiting for my passport to come in the mail with a visa to Italy and today was my last chance to get it or I miss the whole trip .. I lost hope and accepted that no way I will make it..So I got a phone call from Petit Rocher post office( about 20 min away) telling me they had my passport delivered to someone else by mistake but they brought it back to the office..having only 2 hours till they shut we had just enough time to get it.. So I will be attending the Bologna Children’s book fair after all and my plane is in about 21 hours!!.. Not ready but gotta get ready! 😬😄🤗.. I will update you as I go :)

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