Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy Days

For many people it's the Holidays season this time of the year, whether if it's Christmas, Hanukkah, Hijra (Hijri year),  Rohatsu (Bodhi Day), Ashura, or whatever day you consider a day of peace and celebration among yourselves, your family and your friends or just a good book or a blank piece of paper that you try to make it mean something or just time that you consider precious and worth some extra joy , for this happy holidays whoever , wherever you are.
Now, funny thing I noticed.. 2010 is coming soon, isn't it special that 20 is the double of 10? last time tis happened was on 1806..then I started thinking ..hmmm..something is in common between 2010, 1809, 1608 , 1407, 1206, 2211 !!! and it's always 201 years in between!!(except the 2 digits years like years 21, 42, 63).. so what's my point?! I have no point.. I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everybody and add a little conspirecy to it for fun hehehe!.. but I'm not so serious about these "silly" observations... of course..
ok I'll go look up what happened in these years.


  1. started to reconsider the word "Happy" as I now look for a safe year without headache rather than a happy which has never been achieved...swine flue...economic crisis...wars!

  2. Great Work! Nice to find your stuff after seeing it on Linked In groups.

  3. @qrique

    well "happy" is just a wish for the best.. one less war..or one economic progress could be "a bit hopeful" ....I hope :)
    to rephrase it : "may this year be a happier year for all of you"

    @ Korey Scott

    thanks a lot Korey! glad you like my stuff :D

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