Monday, 8 June 2009

with Kalliope

I think it's time for me to update this blog, and have been looking forward to share these covers that I made for the wonderful Kalliope Audiobook, I have also included some sketches for 2 covers and the Kalliope character that you can find on the website..

This is for the book "Seven Little Australians" by "Ethel Turner"

This is for the book "Five Little Peppers" by "Margaret Sidney"

These are some character sketches from "5 little peppers" :)

Kalliope sketches :)

Oh, this is just a teaser to one more cover, I will post the ful cover when they put it on the website, so check up later :)

don't forget to check the website

I will try to reply comments if there is any as fast as I can so let me know what you think


  1. Really nice! Your work is always great. I can't wait to see the last cover too!

  2. thanks Rachel:)
    I'll post the last one as soon as I can

  3. Hey Hatem!!!! I can see very nice styles of illustration on your blog. Really adorable. I was excited after reading that you are from Egypt. I'm always attracted by the history and stories from Egypt....Thanks for visting my blog....Love and regards from India...

  4. Asalaam alaikum brother...
    Long time... didn't hear from you! How you keeping brother...I see you are keeping yourself busy!

    What are you working on these days brother?

    I like these ones....
    keep em rolling brother!

    Khudha Hafiz

  5. @Virkam
    Thanks a lot for the nice words, it's always great to know good artists from all over the world :)

    @ Gulzar

    alaykom assalam
    thanks for still checking out my blog haha.. have been lazy (busy) updating it but I am starting to do more about it, i will put a bit of what I've been working on soon
    thanks again