Tuesday, 3 July 2007

off to CANADA(edited)

this is an illustration i did for basim magazine for kids..

i've said this on my deviantart page..and i'll say it here too
so please read :)

i'm sorry i don't thank everybody at their page like i used to..and that i don't comment often on your work..

but i hope this will get better by time..things have been a mess and it's getting organized now..i've been really busy with some stuff and now i'm ready to share some news and may be ask for guidance too!:)

i'm moving to Canada :flagcanada: later this month..i'll be leaving on the 26th..and this is going to be a huge change in my life that i'm excited about :D

i still have no idea where or what or how i'm going to work there..or even where to look..what's the best or not..and stuff like that.. i'm still clueless and worried financially but i think it will be ok.. i can wash dishes after all hehehe!

if anyone here have any advice work(and life) in canada..and where i might look for a job that have something to do with drawing i'd be so grateful!:D

probably i'm going to be living in vancouver BC or toronto ON ..but i'll go to my wife at NB first..and i'll stay there to finish some papers and make some visits for a couple of months then we're moving after!..i'm thinking toronto ..hmmm..

right now i'm working a lot to collect some funds before i leave..and spending time with family and friends..god knows when i'm going to see them again and that i really will miss them so much..

i'll make another journal before i leave..i just wanted to share my news and if you have any advice i'll be thankful ..

or you can just wish me luck :D

so..wish me luck guys! :aww:


the illustration just in case if you don't care :D


  1. I wish you a good luck my friend ! :)

  2. بص .. تقل عشان هناك برد !!

  3. Hi hatem.
    I wish you good luck. Canada is a great country and people are very gentle. I was in Toronto and Ottawa some years ago.
    I hope you will find a job good for you. You are a very talented artist.

    Keep in touch.


  4. you have a real nice style, great colours

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  6. It's been a while since my last visit to your blog, man you still dazzle me with your great work.

    Speaking of the Canada thing, I really wish you the best although I think it's a loss to Egypt :(
    I suppose you're there by now !

    Vancouver is awesome, I've stayed there for a year and a half while studying 3D Animation & Visual Effects, but I wasn't planning on staying because mama kanet 3amla-li morostan fe el telephone :))

    anyways, I don't know about the chances of working as a cartoonist there. but there's a great deal of chances for working as concept artist or character designer or story boarder for Animation & Gaming companies. Vancouver is a big hub for these type of companies, it's full of them and the number is increasing everyday. Vancouver is known as "Hollywood north" for the amount of production being created there. I would defiently suggest vancouver for your workfield. you can start searching websites such as http://www.creativeheads.net/ for work there. you can also go to www.awn.com and get the contacts of all the animation/gaming companies in Vancouver, and send you portfolio to all of them while finishing your papers in NB.

    we ba3deen vancouver el-gaw fiha gamed keeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.. kefaya en mafihash talg khales aslan ! el talg dah khara.. howa sa7ee7 7elw lel-le3b bas mesh 3amaly khales.

    yalla rabena yewafa22ak ya man fe ay 7aga 7atekhtarha we beggad el balad di khesretak !

  7. I am from Canada ...My advice for any kind of Job just to stand up on your feet go to Calgary,Alberta

    It is close to Vancouver the art City