Monday, 25 December 2006

happy holidays

as a start..i'd like to say happy holidays to everybody!
i wish everything goes peacefully in the new year!


  1. da ana elly thank you ya m3allem :D...
    sorry for the late reply

  2. Hey, I just saw your work and I must say that I'm amazed... Tell me something... Where did u learn how to produce cartoon like that??? Is that available in Egypt? Thx...

  3. Amina
    thanks a lot for the nice words, It's unfair to say I learnt what I can do from one source, I was lucky to be around amazing artists and to be exposed to an ocean of knowledge from close friends,books, internet, etc. .
    but the most important of all is you have to take this knowledge and transfer it into motivation to get what's on your brain on paper or whatever media you're using :)
    and yes Egypt is full of talent , you just have to seek it, if you need help I'd be happy to point you to a starting point
    thanks again